Inaugural Artists Project Exhibition

Poster:Post date:2017-09-27
Political University Academic Center Arts Center Organizes in the Artists Program Exhibition "Live with them"

First, the exhibition for the government seventeenth resident artist Wang Xiaodi and his team planning, display precious manuscripts, audio and video materials and related objects, to introduce Wang Xiaodi teacher and his team, leading the audience from the perspective of the perspective of film and television
Works and creative process.
Second, the exhibition location: the school art center 5 floor art space (Taipei City Wenshan District Guide Road, No. 64)
Third, the extension: 106/10/16 (a) -12/13 (c)
Fourth, the opening hours: Monday to Friday 11: 00-17: 00 (national holiday)
Fifth, the opening activities and time as follows, welcome to visit.

(A) the opening of the tea party
1, time: 106/10/25 (c) 12: 30-13: 30
2, Location: Arts and Arts Center 5F art space
3, registration site; https: //goo.gl/kD45rS

(B) the opening lecture - from my first script to talk about "merit" life
1, time: 106/10/25 (three) 19: 30-21: 30
2, Location: Arts Center Audiovisual Museum
3, registration website: https: //goo.gl/6QQpBv
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