Taoyuan City Indigenous People International Music Festival

Poster:Post date:2017-08-15

Time: September 2-6, September 2 - 3 (Saturday) from 2 pm to 9 pm.
Location: Taoyuan City Arts Square (Taoyuan City Taoyuan District Zhongzheng Road 1188).

(Japan), Kilema (Madagascar), Moana Maniapoto (New Zealand), Gao Lei Ya (Japan), Kilema (Madagascar), Moana Maniapoto (New Zealand), Gao Lei Ya (Japan), Kilema (Madagascar), Moana Maniapoto (New Zealand) , To the high, Ye Weiting, Brazil Vari, a small Rukai music transmission team, by Bai Wei Ji, Suva and CMO Orchestra, Black Cyclone Orchestra, Antlers Orchestra, Paranoid Orchestra, Sang Mei Silk, I-WANT Star Forces, Wu Ya Fan Sasa, etc.).

2, the little song of the big dream: through the indigenous folk musicians personally teach their own experience, and Taoyuan children and young people to experience the fun of music and co-operation of the track, in the show show cooperation results.

3, grass cinema: by playing domestic and foreign indigenous film, to see and understand the issues related to indigenous life.

4, original market: Aboriginal characteristics of the booth area with creative, food, experience and administrative propaganda and other 40 stalls.

For more information, please contact this event FB fan group (https://www.facebook.com/tiuimusicfestival.com.tw/).

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