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Poster:Post date:2017-08-09
 【Chiayi】 106/07/10
The University of South China has been awarded the "University of Education Excellence Program" grant by the Ministry of Education. It is a highly educated and multidisciplinary university with a profound cultural and religious spirit. We are pleased to announce the opening of the "South China University Center for the Middle East Building Gallery Exhibition" at the opening of the Midway Building of the new building of Nanhua University. We invite the artist, Mr. Li Dengyuan, to exhibit the "Cosmic Mind" World Peace Art Exhibition at Zhongdao Lou Gallery.

Mr. Li Dengyuan is a world-class artist, often traveling around the country, is committed to promoting spiritual energy and promote Chinese culture. Following the exhibition at the Nanhua University in 2015, the "World Mind Art" World Peace Art Exhibition once again this year is an important exhibition of the "International Art Exhibition of Painting Art".
 "Cosmic Mind" World Peace Art Exhibition was held on July 10 at the grand opening ceremony of the first floor of the Central Road, attended the guests of the South China University Lin Congming principals, South China University, a second-level supervisor, as well as the Association of former businessmen Guo Qiu Mr. Zhang Yurong, executive director of the Chiayi branch of the Biography Culture Foundation, well-known writer Song Fangqi, calligrapher Wang Zhiyang, painter Jiang Yuju and other guests come to visit.
A total of 36 paintings and exhibitions will be displayed in this exhibition. The exhibition will be displayed in four major exhibitions: "universe", "earth", "people" and "experience". The universe, the body and soul to add the energy of the door, including the sun, the moon and the eight planets; earth area, to show the vitality of the earth, the world, the sea and land; people area, to twelve constellations to express the character Characteristics; experience area, people want to stop and learn to experience the positive energy of life.

Mr. Li Dengyuan thinks that "art" is like life as pure, is nothing but real existence. Their works are red abstract lines, red is the meaning of the blood, spirit, joy and life. In Taiwanese folk, cinnabar has the use of statues and drugs, red is the most noticeable color, red on behalf of the festivity, but also to convey the cultural image of Greater China. Lao Tzu "Tao Te Ching" said: "the past was one, the day was clear, to be a Ning, God was a spirit, the valley was a surplus, everything was born, Hou Wang was a world Zhen ". And Mr. Li Dengyuan through a painting of energy art calligraphy and painting abstract performance to convey the universe, the natural operation and the existence of human life is the transcendence of the concept of energy and value. President of the South China University Lin Congming also said: "" stroke "works can see the beginning, but usually do not see the end, the end will be connected to the entire graphics, telling life unlimited, can not use limited vision, use unlimited possibilities and unlimited The power of life to explore. "

The exhibition is hosted by Nanhua University and Promise Art, hosted by Nanhua University School of Art and Design and Arts Center. From July 10 to July 7, 2017, the opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (for holidays).

We sincerely welcome people and all the arts and crafts enthusiasts come to visit the exhibition.
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