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Nanhua University Art and Culture Research Center, formerly belonged to the Institute of Art and Design under the jurisdiction of the unit. Confined to the school to actively promote the school of art and cultural activities, then in the 106 years, in accordance with the South China University Organization of the fourth set of rules, belonging to the school within a level of administrative organization. Responsible for coordinating the promotion of art education in the whole school, and related to the activities of art exhibition.
Organizational profile
The center set up a director, administrative assistant 1, divided into two sets of performances and collections, each set of head 1, the exhibition group for exhibitions, performances related business, collection of works for the collection of art and digital related business, Committee, review center activities, exhibitions, collections and other matters, and the resident school artists, to help the school art promotion work. Center exhibition space more than 200 Ping, more than 600 pieces of collection works, with a professional collection room, professional exhibition equipment, professional group of volunteers and workers to participate in the center of the service team.

Work projects
The Center organizes art exhibitions on a regular basis, invites domestic artists to perform exhibitions, performances and lectures, combine general education programs, perform art-related projects, art promotion courses, collect artwork and digitization, and assist schools Art-related administrative work, uphold the "science and technology, humanities, art" the concept of combining the art of situational education subtle, to cultivate students with humanities and art conservation of personality traits, and open the exhibition to the community to visit, so that teachers and students The art of a more in-depth understanding, and then appreciate the art of life inspiration, to enhance the school teachers and students of humanities and art and international concept.

Business characteristics
1、the campus environment comprehensive art.
2、the internationalization of campus art activities.
3、campus art activities community.
4、generalization of art education courses.
5、the promotion of popularization of art education.
6、the number of art activities collection.
7、art exhibition activities diversified.


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